Healthcare Advising

Are You Covered?


If you already have health insurance, we can help you:

✔︎ Compare plan coverage and prices so you are receiving the best coverage for your situation AT NO COST!

✔︎ Provide you with a knowledgeable licensed insurance agent that can advocate for you if problems arise with your insurance company AT NO COST!


If you do not have health insurance, we can help you:

✔︎ Compare plans and marketplace options so you are receiving the best coverage possible

✔︎ Sign you up for health insurance

✔︎ Help you apply for government subsidies

✔︎ Do everything in the yes column, too–


Understanding The Affordable Care Act

Signing up for health insurance through The Marketplace could cost you thousands!

Still feeling in the dark? Call one of our offices and speak to one of our Affordable Care Act experts!

We also have a licensed health insurance agent on staff to guide you through

choosing and signing up for the best health insurance plan for you!

The best part? We offer these services for FREE to our clients!

Call us now for more information! (616)457-5652

Click for Resources:

Integrity Tax Group's Basic Guide to Understanding Marketplace Health Insurance

What Marketplace Health Insurance Plans Cover 

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