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IRS Resolution

Experts  Immediate Action ★ Solutions

Financial Hardships

Need to settle past due taxes? We can help!

Installment Agreements

Set up a payment plan to pay what you owe.

Offers In Compromise

Settle for less than you owe.

STOP Collections

Stop the IRS from contacting, levying, and asking for payments.

We work with you to:

✔︎ Release Lien/Levy

✔︎ Prepare Financial Forms

✔︎ File Past Due Returns

✔︎ Settle Back Taxes Due

✔︎ Federal Tax Resolution

✔︎ Reduce Penalties

✔︎ Stop Wage Garnishments

✔︎ Audit Representation

✔︎ File Appeals

✔︎ State Tax Resolution

Why Choose Us to Represent You?

We Are...

Enrolled Agents that are federally licensed to practice before the IRS and have unlimited rights to represent taxpares before the IRS.


NTPI Fellows– a part of the Nation’s top program that specializes in training for solving IRS issues.

Success Stories

I owed a ton of money to the IRS, they were sending me letters and about to take money out of my paycheck that I couldn’t afford to lose. One visit with Stadler and the threats stopped. They set up a reasonable payment with the IRS, and now I can sleep well at night again.

-Ann, Terre Haute, IN

“I dealt with you instead of the IRS sending me letters and me not knowing what to do with them. Now everything is paid off and looking good. Now we’re making a profit. I thought it would cost a fortune, but the charge was really not that much compared to what I would have had to spend out in fines and fees and penalties, so it’s well worth

the cost.”

-Ronni, Bloomington, IN

"I can finally breathe again!

-Rhonda, Bloomington, IN

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