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Don't Pay Contractors* Without Getting A W-9 From Them FIRST!

BEFORE you pay a contractor* you'll be issuing a 1099 to, it is good practice to have them fill out the W-9 form. You can find that here:

What do we need to complete 1099s?

  • Completed W-9s for ALL Contractors*

  • Amounts paid to Contractors*

  • Your Name/Business Name

  • Your SSN/EIN

  • Your phone number and email address

  • Your mailing address

Should you be giving your contractors* W-2's and making them employees? Find out more from this IRS publication

Please note that you do NOT need to issue 1099s to Corporations, including S-Corporations. For more information, contact us.


*Contractors include contracted work, attorney fees, rents, miscellaneous
work and more that your business paid out $600 or more during the tax year.

Are you required to file 1099's? Click below to find out more information.

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